About Us

We as Tecer Jewelry have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for over 40 years. Our journey started with my father who is an Armenian jewelry designer located in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.

My name is Justin Alen TECER and I am now currently keeping up the art of jewelry creation and teaching it’s essentials to new generations. Here at Tecer Jewelry together with our lovely team, we are doing:

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Easy To Use
We’ve put a lot of thought and work into bringing this website so the best possible experience will be available for you.
Outstanding Support
You can reach us for any questions and custom orders easily!
Simply Beautiful
Ever lasting pieces of jewelry to make yourself and your loved ones happier than ever…
Careful Crafted
We have a professional team to create every single piece with high precision and a passionate quality control team to check the products for any defect right before shipment.
Perfect Packaging
We always use velvet jewelry boxes and careful packaging so the items will not be damaged during shipment. PS. We love bubbly wraps 🙂
Fast and Secure Shipment
We offer Fast, Free and Secure shipment all over the world. Depending on the stock of an item the packaging and the creation of the piece takes 1-3 business days and the shipment no more than 3-5 days.