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Do you offer a Wholesale Option?

Yes, we offer very special prices for whole buyers and shop owners. Please contact us through info@tecerjewelry.com or use the contact form located at the Contact Page. You could also use the live chat button located at the right hand side of your screen.
What is the Return Policy?

You can return your unwanted jewelry in a week after receiving the product. as soon as we receive the jewelry, you will be refunded. Feel free to contact us for any questions.
How can I be involved in the design of my custom Jewelry?

You will always be informed about your custom design.

Meanwhile you can send us, photos or your own drawings.

You will always be able to call us on WhatsApp or on Skype.

What is the Custom Design process?

After sharing some mails and Live conversations on Skype we start the design process. We will send you sketches and 3D drawings of your desired jewel. We will work together until we make our minds and have a custom design for you. After that the making process will begin.
Do you design and make Custom Jewelry?

Yes, we will help you with any custom designs you would like to have.
How do I keep the Tecer Jewelry clean for a long while?

You could simply use the special box we provide to keep your Jewelry away from oxygen, also it is good to keep your jewelry away from water, deodorants or any other chemicals.
Do Tecer Jewelry Jewels contain nickel?

None of our Jewelry contain nickel.
Is it safe to make an online payment?

Tecer Jewelry website and also PayPal have a secure connection. You are safe from Identity thieves.

We, nor PayPal store any personal information.

Can I make a payment in my own currency?

Yes, while checking out with PayPal. PayPal will convert the price to your own currency.
I have been given a Voucher Code can I use it online?

Yes you can use your Voucher Code online.


How can I pay?

We accept PayPal payments, you can use PayPal to pay with any of your credit or debit cards.
Are the Jewels from Tecer Jewelry handmade?

Yes, every piece we make comes from Tecer Jewelry atelier and workshop located at the Grand Bazaar of İstanbul / Turkey.
What is Tecer Jewelry Jewels made of?

We often use

  • 925 Silver
  • 8K White, Yellow, Red, Rose Gold
  • 14K White, Yellow Gold
  • 18K White, Yellow Gold
  • 22K White, Yellow Gold
  • Gold and Rhodium platings
  • Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, Zirconias and many more gem stones

You will find information about the Jewels on every single product page.

Can I return an item?

Yes, we accept any returns or changes.

Please contact us directly by

  • sending an e-mail to info@tecerjewery.com
  • using the Contact Form on the Contact Page, or
  • using the Live Chat button located at the right hand side of your screen.
How can I change my delivery address after I have ordered something?

You can simply

  • send us an e-mail (info@tecerjewelry.com)
  • use the Contact Form on the Contact Page, or
  • use the live chat button located at the right hand side of your screen.

Please note that you will have write us as soon as you realized you have given us a wrong address. We have to make it right before we ship it to a wrong one.

Can I track my parcel after shipping?

Yes, we always provide tracking numbers.
Where is Tecer Jewelry Located?

Tecer Jewelry is started at the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul in Turkey.
Now we are located in Turkey and also in Romania.
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